Marco Cousins (AustnKidd) (b.1991) is an artist, designer, and photographer primarily creating work that explores themes of intimacy in relation to location and personal perspectives via typography and image creation/manipulation.

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2020 – Interview: Probation Blog by Olivia Mullins. USA.
2020 – Black Artist Fund Grant Recipient. USA.
2019 – BMoCA “ARTMIX” Boulder, CO. USA.
2019 – Redline “Puddle Drop” Denver, CO. USA.
2018 – Redline “One Square Foot” Denver, CO. USA.
2018 – Colorado Photographic Arts Center “Y/OUR Denver” Denver, CO. USA. 2018 – Lane Meyer Projects “BYO Art: A Tribute to the Mudd Club” Denver, CO. USA.
2018 – BMoCA “ARTMIX” Boulder, CO. USA.
2017 – MCA Denver “Open Shelf Library: The Stacks.” Denver, CO. USA.
2016 – Redline “Unframed: Print for Change” Denver, CO. USA.
2016 – RMCAD: Spivak Studio “Where Were You When the Wolves Came” Denver, CO. USA.