“exhibition history”

The ideal CV length is 1-2 pages. If you’ve been working internationally for over 20 years, you can certainly push it to three, but most galleries and competitions are really looking for 1-2 pages at most. Remember, the CV is a summary, not a biography.

Many elements of your CV will be lists (of exhibitions, awards, publications), and it will be tempting to bullet or number these lists. Do not use bullet points or numbers. These can be distracting and confusing and will pull attention away from the information that you are trying to convey.

2018 – Redline “One Square Foot” Denver, CO. USA.
2018 – Colorado Photographic Arts Center “Y/OUR Denver” Denver, CO. USA.
2018 – Lane Meyer Projects “BYO Art: A Tribute to the Mudd Club” Denver, CO. USA.
2018 – BMoCA “ARTMIX” Boulder, CO. USA.
2017 – MCA Dener “Open Shelf Library: The Stacks.” Denver, CO. USA.
2016 – Redline “Unframed: Print for Change” Denver, CO. USA.
2016 – RMCAD: Spivak Studio “Where Were You When the Wolves Came” Denver, CO. USA.