4. Inspired by Cymon Padilla



CP / 2018
From The Series Ingres: Warped

             This design study was inspired by Colorado artist Cymon Padilla. The series Ingres: Warped was a heavily inspiring one based off the mixture of contemporary elements such as cartoon iconography and images of the past in the form of renaissance paintings.  

            Local painter Cymon Padilla loves Caravaggio. The Italian baroque painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio painted the Roman god Bacchus as a young man proffering wine and toying with his toga. In tribute, Padilla gave Bacchus a little modernization.


           "He's got the snapchat filter on his face and some random emojis," Padilla explains. Bacchus now bears a bubbled-out face and appears surrounded by sassy emojis — pills, booze and a few rakish faces — that Padilla thought Caravaggio might have his Bacchus send, given access to modern tech.

            "A lot of my work is sort of ripping off of art history," says Padilla. In his untitled upcoming show at the Modbo, he has done a few other such pieces. He put a bong in the hands of a John Singer Sargent portrait to help the subject have some fun. He also drew inspiration from a bust of blisteringly crazy Roman Emperor Caligula. He shows the bust stretched out and distorted, painted over a background of abstract shapes for a piece that reads early internet. The other places the bust over a razzle-dazzle camo pattern of the sort that was occasionally used on World War I ships. Padilla gives the bust cartoonish melting eyes to add movement.” - Colorado Springs Independent