1. Inspired by Jason DeMarte

001 / 2018
From Design work created out of inspiration by
Jason DeMarte’s photo series Utopic

            This design study was inspired by a photography-based artist named Jason DeMarte. The series that inspired me most was one called Utopic. According to DeMarte, “Utopic investigates how the artificial nature of our modern day interpretation of the natural world compares to the way we approach our immediate consumer world.

            I work digitally, combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with graphic elements and commercially produced products such as processed food, domestic goods and pharmaceutical products. I look at how these seemingly unrelated and absurd groupings and composites begin to address attitudes and understandings of the contemporary experience. I represent the natural world through completely unnatural elements to speak metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is real, and compare and contrast this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence."

        I found this work highly intriguing due to the combination of minimal designed elements in the form of solid, colorful shapes and lines.