13. Like We Never Happened

PB / 2018
From The archives of a past life

            This is a personal project I started almost 2 years ago after my last long term/on again off again relationship came to an end. I viewed the book as a therapeutic process in which I could really reflect on my relationship from a voyeuristic perspective. While I spent so long trying to perfect this book documenting the highs and lows of a past relationship, I realized that with every copy produced, a mistake was also made in the process therefore rendering it imperfect.

It wasn't until this last go around that I realized that this book would never be perfect because our relationship was never perfect. The book effectively transcends the different levels there are to any relationship. From afar (the outside perspective) things look great and you wouldn't even look twice at it.

At second glance (the inside perspective) you notice the slight imperfections that make it more realistic and socially normal, but when you're looking at it from the inside (the introspective perspective) you see how truly damaged and broken things were.This was my process through a truly difficult time in my life when I had a wonderful relationship with a truly amazing person.